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Water Level Control System

Sinicon, established in 1994, has been contributing its share of knowledge in improving the living quality of people by way of providing them with superior quality products made on latest technology platform.

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WaterSwitch ComboStarter OT System

Sinicon WaterSwitch ComboStarter OT System I; consists a ComboStarter (WC9526OT) and a WaterSwitch; is a Digital Electronic Starter with built in WaterSwitch based automatic Water Level Controller and programmable ON/OFF timer. It prevents overhead tank from overflowing and also prevents the overflowing of sump, well etc. Thanks to Sinicon WaterSwitch, the user need not worry about switching the electric water pump ON and OFF and makes water available round the clock.The easily programmable timer helps to programme the water pumping duration based on the water availability in a bore well for domestic and/or agricultural applications. The ComboStarter also prevents pump from running when sump/well is empty, or during low or high voltage or dry run situation, thus avoiding damage to motor resulting in cost saving in electricity and maintenance.


  • Single phase motor starter for single motor application with built in timer controlled water level control function.
  • Rating up to 1.5HP, 240V, single phase.
  • Motor starts and stops at cyclic timer programmed interval.
  • Programmable over voltage protection, under voltage protection and overload protection.
  • Manual operation for bypassing all water level control functions, dry run, over voltage, under voltage and overload protections.


  • Villas, apartments, water treatment plants, mixing and filling plants, agricultural watering etc.


  • Other voltage and frequency
  • Operation conditions
  • Higher capacity
Sl Description WaterSwitch System IA & IIA
1. Model WC9526 OT Controller
2. Operating Voltage (AC) 155V to 270V AC 1 PH
3. Connected Load Upto 1.5 HP
4. Starter Timer Yes
5. Starter Capacitor (Not supplied) To Suit Motor Rating
6. Run Capacitor (Not supplied) To Suit Motor Rating
7. Starter Rating 25A. Max
8. Starter Capacitor Timer Contact Rating 25A. Max
9. Overload Protection 25A Max. Adjustable (10A Factory Set)
10. Dry Run Protection Yes
11. High Voltage Cut-off (AC) Adjustable (260V Factory Set)
12. Low Voltage Cut-off (AC) Adjustable (160V Factory Set)
13. Ingress Protection IP41*
14. Measurement Height (mm) 100
  Width (mm) 187
  Depth (mm) 270

*Controller Only, Check WaterSwitch Spec for Sensor rating