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Water Level Control Switch

Sinicon, established in 1994, has been contributing its share of knowledge in improving the living quality of people by way of providing them with superior quality products made on latest technology platform.

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Water Switch Model-9525 and Model-9535

Sinicon Water Switch effectively monitors and controls water/liquid levels in the overhead tank, sump, and well etc. It prevents overhead tank from overflowing and also prevents overflowing of sump, well etc. Thanks to Sinicon Water Switch, the user need not worry about switching the electric water pump ON and OFF and makes water available round the clock.


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Switches water pump ON when overhead tank is empty and switches water pump OFF when overhead tank is full
  • Switches water pump OFF when sump/well is empty and allow pump to run only when the sump/well is filled up to the set limit.
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Fit and forget type and no routine maintenance required.


  • Villas, apartments, sewage plants, water treatment plants, mixing and filling plants etc.


  • Higher water columns (9535)
  • Cable Length (9525)


Sl Description WaterSwitch
Model 9525 Model 9535
1. Operating Voltage (AC) 110V / 240V 110V / 240V
2. Connecting Load 15 Amp 15 Amp
  - Resistive Load 15 Amp 15 Amp
- Direct Load (1 Phase) 1 HP 1 HP
- Indirect Load (Contactor coil) (1 or 3 Phase) *Any size *Any size
3. Measurement  Method (Electrical) Immersed Type External Type
4. Dry Run protection No No
5. High Voltage cut-off (AC) No No
6. Low Voltage cut-off (AC) No No
7. Starter Timer No No
8. Ingress Protection  Rating IP67 IP52 (Switching Part) IP67 (Counter Weight)

*Subject to maximum rating mentioned