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Sinicon Pumps

Sinicon, established in 1994, has been contributing its share of knowledge in improving the living quality of people by way of providing them with superior quality products made on latest technology platform.

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Since Egyptians invented Shadoof in BC2000, pump industry has evolved many times and transformed to the pump industry of today. There are many inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs who worked hard rather toiled to make the pumping easy, economical and environmentally friendly.

Sinicon, since 1994, has been contributing its share of knowledge in improving the water management and pumping technologies. The innovation, research, development, engineering and manufacturing capability of Sinicon, in association with Sinicon UK Limited, has brought out many 'state of the art' products and systems that has set industry standard for many reasons. Our product development focus has been in the following segments:

  • Domestic Pumping Applications
  • Commercial Pumping Applications
  • Agriculture Pumping Applications
  • Motor Control Panels, Products & Systems

Our water management products are engineered and produced keeping the water conservation and delivery optimization requirements of the pumping segment and also keeping the human involvement as negligible as possible.

The management philosophy and operational methods of our company, Sinicon, recognizes customer satisfaction as minimum responsibility and customer delight as ultimate objective.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction will be accomplished through continuous improvement of business processes and procedures and customer delight through business leadership which calls for efficiency and emotional involvement of each and every employee of the company.

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