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BlueCat Flashlights

Sinicon, established in 1994, has been contributing its share of knowledge in improving the living quality of people by way of providing them with superior quality products made on latest technology platform.

BlueCat Flashlights

This Superior quality product designed and developed by Sinicon's Innovative Lab and made in a 'state of the art' ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility of Sinicon now addresses a long wait for an effective and affordable security alarm device for the commercial establishments and the households alike.

How does it work?

Just think that you are at home and in the middle of the night you are hearing a noise at the window. On checking you realize shocking that a thief is trying to make entry into your home. What will you do? Scream? Normally a person can hardly scream since he/she will be choked out of fear. Here comes the Sinicon's BlueCat Security Torch for your help. You just need to pick up the Torch and Switch ON the alarm and Flash Light towards the thief. The alarm and light are so powerful, in seconds the thief will escape from the scene. You can also alert the neighbor about the incident. The application is common for domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Community Alarm

In some communities it is used as Community Alarm which means if a theft attempt happens the owner of the house activates the alarm, flash light and also strobe. Once an alarm is heard all the community members would also initiate alarm one after another making the entire community alert. The strobe light is flashed from the original location where the actual incident took place for the identification of the incident location.


    Security Alarm Flashlights

  • SST951
  • SST952
  • Basic Flashlights

  • ST 950
  • ST 951
  • ST 952




  • Powerful professional Flashlights
  • Powerful professional Security Alram
  • High quality components
  • Magnetic lock recharging
  • weather Proof
  • Built in Strobe
  • Zero maintenance
  • Weapon utility styling
  • Built strong
  • Ergonomic design

Application / Where to Use
  • Every household
  • Security Personnel
  • Worksites
  • High risk areas
  • Valuable transporting vehicles
Innovative Design & High Quality

An aesthetically designed and professionally built product is unique in utility and application. The high quality metal used in the product withstands heavy impacts. All components used in the products are of very high quality and have been engineered with precision to withstand or exceed the purpose to which it is designed.